The Flower Season is Over

14 Sep The Flower Season is Over

Frostmas has arrived here on the farm!  The day where frost kills the flowers.  Its always bittersweet as it is sad they are gone but also a relief from all of the work that goes into growing flowers!  This season was a busy one with the slower subscription, custom orders and the ever popular u- picks.

So now what?  I have to put in the seed order for next season, and take out the garden.  I have a few ideas as to what I want to do to prep the garden space this fall – we’ll see how that goes!

What about next year?  I will release the flower subscription in February as per usual.  You will be given pre-determined dates and the pick up will be at a given location.

u-Picks will be back and with new blossoms!  Always eager to try something new as well as the same old favourites.

Keep tuned for more events and collaborations for summer 2021!

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