Summer Flower U-Picks Coming Up!

20 Jul Summer Flower U-Picks Coming Up!

So many of you are getting excited for the flower u-picks at The Cheesiry Flower Gardens! I’ve fielded so many queries that I figured it’s time to let everyone know about them.

They will be starting the end of July/August. They usually take place 2-3 times per week based on weather and flower availability.

7-9 pm


What to expect from the U-pick?

You get a tour of the flower gardens and an explanation of how to cut and we can discuss the varieties and any questions. After, you are given clippers and a jar to collect your own blossoms. You can wander the gardens and create your own bouquet on-site that you get to take home with you.

It truly is a beautiful evening to spend alone for some “me time” or with a group of pals.

Stay tuned to The Cheesiry on social media or here for upcoming dates

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