Coulee Creations Gift Certificates


For the flower lover in you life!  A gift of a unique experience.  Come join us this summer to pick your own bouquet of fresh flowers, get a custom bouquet made or join us at a flower event.  A unique experience that satisfies the soul.  Have you ever wandered a large flower garden?

What are some price options?

$30 gets you a u-pick experience

$75 gets you a 3 week flower subscriptions (running from July – September)

$120 gets you a 5 week flower subscription


But you can make the certificate for any amount !

Pick up the certificate:

on- farm

Juxta Brixton boutique in Lloydminster

Delivery to Vermilion

or mail is an option


Gift Wrap Option $9

I have made some mini wreaths from materials grown in the Coulee Creations gardens.

All gift certificates contain hand made seed paper (containing Cosmos seeds from our garden) on which you can write your own personal note.  The recipient can then plant the seed paper in their garden in the spring 🙂


Click here to order for your gift certificate


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