New Cheese!

28 Feb New Cheese!

We are ready to introduce our new cheese to you!

We now proudly sell our cows milk cheeses.  What type are they you ask?  They are mostly own type – we did our pecorino process but with different culture as well we tried a batch similar to Havarti and a combination of the two.  We did a St. Paulin style of cheese which we have washed in Ribstone Creek Brewery’s, Old Man Winter porter.  With the cows milk we were not sure how everything was going to turn out so we tried a few different things.

In general they are a semi firm paste and a lot more mild in flavour than our pecorino.

We sampled them out at Winefest this year and the peppercorn was a hit!  We don’t have a lot left so get it soon!

So far we are only going to be selling it at farmers markets and from our on farm boutique.

Right now it is available at Greens Eggs & Ham stall at Mothers Market, at SPUD Edmonton and on farm.  We hope to have it at Old Strathcona Farmers Market soon!



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