Jersey Cow Joins the Flock

15 Jul Jersey Cow Joins the Flock

,My son has wanted a milking cow since last year. Knowing he was not very responsible being an 8 year old, I declined that idea. This spring my husband traded an equipment rental for a Jersey cow – and so it begins…

Betty gave birth to a heifer calf this spring and we have been milking her ever since. The rich yellow milk is quite different than the sheep milk I am used to working with so the cheeses you will eat now will be different than those going forward as I figure out what I want to make. The milk is rich in butterfat as Jersey cows have the highest butterfat content of the milking cows.

Betty the Jersey was a late spring addition to the farm so I wasn’t quite prepared with the types of cheese or doing any research on the milk. I’m looking forward to making beautiful cheese and butter with her yellow, nutritious milk. I’m please to have the 2 highest nutrition milks available to make cheese with and offer to you

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