Feature Cheese of the Week & Sale!

02 Jun Feature Cheese of the Week & Sale!

Product Feature: Peppercorn Pecorino

Tasting Notes: Floral spice with mild pepper.

How to Enjoy: Great with tomato dishes or pasta

Ingredients: Raw sheep milk, culture, calf rennet, peppercorns (no salt added but soaked in Brine)

Gluten free

Recipe: Cheesy melts (Great with Tomato Soup!)

Spread mayonnaise on your bread choice (we recommend a multigrain pita or buns cut in half) and cover with grated Peppercorn Pecorino. Broil it in the oven on low till the cheese starts to brown (3-5 mins, so watch carefully).

Or put honey and any of our Pecorino on a cracker and enjoy the sweet and savoury.

Buy a wedge of Peppercorn Pecorino and you can save $1 on the purchase of a second wedge of cheese.  Buy on farm @ The Cheesiry Boutique, at the following Edmonton Farmers Markets: City Market on 104 St. & Old Strathcona Farmers Market.

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