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26 Jul Book Now! Coulee Creations U-pick

It’s that time of the year when our flowers here at our gardens, known as Coulee Creations, are starting to blossom!  All of our flowers are started here on the farm…in my basement actually! I start the flowers in late winter and bring them out into a heated hoop house early spring and introduce them to the sun.

From there it is the mad rush to get spring work done.  I pull last years landscape fabric off of the soil as I leave all of the plants on in the fall and allow the roots to shrivel and feed the soil.  The root channels now left, allow the penetration of the spring water to flow down deep into the soil structure rebuilding the moisture needed for the upcoming season.

The soil slowly gets tilled as I go along replacing the weed barrier fabric and transplanting all of the thousands of seedling transplants.  This happens over a 2 month period – with lambing thrown into the mix.  Its an exciting but super busy time of year after those long winter months…


As this summer goes on, there are days where I allow the public to come for a tour and pick unique blooms, not often found from the florists, from the gardens.  The other weeks, my flower subscribers get the blossoms.

It’s an enchanting experience to walk through all of these flowers.  Please join us one evening and try your creativity with some natural beauty.

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