Buying Club Info

Welcome to The Cheesiry Buying Club – It’s easy!

1. Place an order (do not worry about the payment option buttons as you are not being charged anything) at our website on the products/purchase tab

2. We send you an email with your order total and delivery details after the order is packed (a few days before delivery)

3. Meet us at the delivery location in your area at the specified time and date to pick up your packed products.


– Arrive at your drop location at the appropriate time 

– Give us you name, we  find your receipt and you pay ahead of time with email transfer or cash

– Find your pack (they will be in semi-alphabetical order)

– Check to make sure your entire order is there.



– Deliveries for Vegreville –Edmonton are on a Friday every month. Planned dates for the 2015 season are:  May 15, June 8 (Monday), July 3, August 14, September 4 and October 9.

– Deliveries for Wainwright and Edgerton  Planned dates for the 2015 season are: June 12, July 16, Aug 21, September 18 and December 4.

– Deliveries for Cold Lake will be on a Thursday. Planned dates for the 2015 season are: May 28, June 25, July 23, August 20, October 8 and December 5.

– Deliveries for North Battleford-Saskatoon will be on Saturday four times a season. Planned dates for the 2015 season are: May 28, June 25, August 27 and October 8.

Tip: Please read the emails we send out. It is our only method of communicating what is going on. You should find it most helpful in ordering. It also will keep you up on product availability and any specials we have.



– If you miss your appointment with The Cheesiry and do not pick up your order, you will be charged a $15 restocking fee.

– All canceled orders must be given 48 hours notice.

– Lastly, you understand that if you do not receive an order confirmation page, that your order has not been processed and is probably still in your shopping cart. There are several steps to placing an order and you will continue those steps until you have seen the “Your order is completed” page. 


Just place the order- do not worry about choosing the payment option.  It will not affect your order


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