Back to School!

09 Sep Back to School!

Looking for something healthy and different for back to school snacks?  How about our jerky and cheese with those crackers?  Our cheese and jerky are packed with HIGH protein and grass based fats with are super healthy for those growing muscles and brains.  We have only wholesome natural ingredients with NO JUNK.  All of our cheese is gluten free and ‘dairy free’ – ie no cow proteins that many people are allergic to.

Because our cheese has twice the nutritional value of cows milk, a little goes a long way.  That is a little bit fills them fast.  A common ‘filler’ in dairy is modified milk ingredients which was offered to us to add to our cheese.  Milk less sheep they said and add milk powder – this is what industry does.  When I questioned why it was only $35/bag instead of our $87/bag for our lambs he said it is full of sugar and vegetable oil.  Our cheese is pure grass fed milk!

A favourite with my kids is honey, cheese and crackers.  Grapes with cheese is also a hit.  Give it a try!

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