Author: Rhonda Headon

06 Dec New meat products in!

Check our shop for the just in meat products! Perfect for holiday entertaining with something n-ewe We have a fresh stock of Honey Garlic Sheep Jerky, Garlic Sausage rings, Lunch Meat and New summer sausage and Beer Sticks (spicy) Check it out!...

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01 Nov NOW: Booking Xmas Parties!

We are offering small Christmas parties at The Cheesiry.  In an intimate setting, we can seat about 40 people.  This can be for  Businesses or friend/family gatherings. We can do a variety of plates including cheese, crackers, meats and condiments to cheese melts or grilled cheese! There even...

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09 Sep Back to School!

Looking for something healthy and different for back to school snacks?  How about our jerky and cheese with those crackers?  Our cheese and jerky are packed with HIGH protein and grass based fats with are super healthy for those growing muscles and brains.  We have...

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